What Do the Colors You Wear Say About You? We Break It Down

Ave you ever looked closely at your closet and realized that you favor one color over others? Most people probably assume that all New Yorkers’ closets are bursting with black (you might be right), but beyond the all-black New York wardrobe, you have your neutral-palette wearers, your primary-color gals, and your jewel-tone lovers. Personally, I love me a good shade of green, blue, and an occasional power red.

So, do the colors we gravitate toward really mean anything? Actually, yes! We dug around and found out what each color in your closet represents and how each can play a part in your wardrobe—and life. Wonder what color will increase your productivity, help you ace your next big meeting, or exude happiness and warmth on even the gloomiest of days?

Keep scrolling to find out what each color you wear really means.


Talk about a statement! The color red is a symbol of energy, strength, power, and passion. It automatically grabs someone’s attention and creates a visual impact. Making a work presentation or looking to stand out in a crowd? Wearing red can give you that competitive edge and help you feel bold, authoritative, and like a complete badass.


Pink is a feminine, romantic, and affectionate color. It is a toned-down version of the physical passion of red, and represents compassion, nurturing, and unconditional love. It is also soothing. We saw the wave of Millennial Pink take over so many marketing initiatives in 2017, and it’s probably because pink is a generally accepted and liked color and creates a feeling of ease and love. If you’re pro-pink, we think this color is great for first days, first meetings, or first encounters with people—it is a friendly and inviting color.


Orange is the color associated with warmth, ambition, enthusiasm, and energy. If you’re wearing orange, you’re probably the life of the party and in a positive and engaging mood. Orange normally isn’t the first color we gravitate toward, but we love how this vivacious hue can liven up your mood and give you instant energy.


Yellow is the color of intellect, happiness, and cheerfulness. It can improve concentration (think legal notepads, sticky notes, and highlighters) and is great for the practical thinker. On the other hand, yellow is also uplifting, joyful, and inspiring. The color is great for boosting work productivity, energy, and your mood. Do you have a busy day at work, or are you pushing through an insane schedule? Add some yellow to your wardrobe to keep you moving forward and subconsciously liven your mood.


Green is located in the middle of the color spectrum and is considered the hue of balance and restoration. It is associated closely with nature, wealth, generosity, healing, and rejuvenation. Green exudes a charismatic vibe, and we believe that the color can be great for any occasion—everything from a casual weekend adventure to an intimate cocktail event.


Blue is often identified as a color of intelligence, loyalty, peace, and confidence. It is great to wear to a job interview or important meeting because it will help you feel in control, calm, and successful. Overall, it is a well-liked color, and you can’t go wrong adding a few shades of blue to your wardrobe!


Purple is the color of imagination and spirituality. It indicates creativity, a love for the arts, sophistication, and even a sense of richness (in some form of wealth, luxury, or knowledge). Purple is a great color for formal events, creative outings, or ornate embellishments and accessories.


Brown is a down-to-earth color that signifies security, stability, and reliability. The color is effective when communicating with others since the neutral hue is not distracting nor does it connote any certain emotions.


White is often categorized as a color for purity, innocence, or a fresh start. White evokes a sense of harmony and balance; so an all-white ensemble can make an unexpected and impactful statement in a sea of color and bold prints.


Gray is often an unemotional color—the neutral hue is a transition color (neither black or white) so it is often seen as a calm, composed, or reserved shade. It can also evoke balance and neutrality, like brown and white, but gray also has a sense of calm and serenity.


Black—the most mysterious and protective color of them all. While this color can seem unapproachable at first, the dark hue also exudes elegance, luxury, and power. Black business suits, the little black dress, the classic black pump—all wardrobe essentials that are timeless, luxurious, and powerful.

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